100 jobs your volunteers can do (Part I)

jobs for volunteers

One of the biggest challenges for volunteer coordinators is to find and document the jobs to assign to volunteers. With time crunches and limited resources, it is no surprise to be out of ideas of what needs to be done even if you have the right team. 

Below you will find a comprehensive list of different tasks and jobs volunteers can do for your project. From entry-level tasks to specialized opportunities, you will sure find some inspiration to expand your job lists and keep your team engaged and contributing. Just like in theater, there is no role too small!

Management jobs for volunteers

Program reporting

Track your team’s best practices by keeping clear records of what, who, and when things got done. By keeping records organized, you can later evaluate the impact of a program and devise ways to further improve its effectiveness.

Coordination of virtual meetings and taking meeting minutes

Zoom, Slack, Google Hangouts, Facebook. These are few of the multiple virtual meeting apps and it can get quite messy in the long run. A designed virtual meeting coordinator can ensure everybody is on the right channel, has their mics turned on (or off!), and takes useful notes so everyone can keep track of what was said.

Coordinating event and project logistics

A seasoned volunteer (or a very responsible one) can help you to take the load of program coordination off your shoulders. Beyond managing volunteers, this person focuses on the logistics of the program itself including deliveries, construction, and transportation.

Archiving documents correctly

There is nothing worse than searching for that “perfect picture” of last year’s charity run. An organized volunteer can help you to manage the media archive better by creating folders, tagging pictures, and organizing file names. 

Tax accountancy

If you are lucky enough to have a volunteer with tax accountancy experience, ask for their advice! They may help you to prep your tax records or suggest ways in which you can improve your financial planning for the year to come.

Data entry

If your team is still using written records, it is key to digitize them. From forms to testimonials, data entry is a blessing while looking for information in a (virtual) pile of documents.

Mentorship Positions for Volunteers

Business analysis

Running a charity is a lot like running a business. Therefore, it is quite helpful to ask for guidance to people with high business skills. From evaluating if a program is financially feasible to setting up fundraising goals, a volunteer business analyst can improve the financial health and longevity of your organization.

Application analysis

If you run a scholarship program, a volunteer can help you to screen applicants and ensure help arrives where is most needed. It is advisable to ask volunteers in charge of this task to sign a NDA since they may see sensitive information.

Being a board member

New and experienced organizations will benefit from having the guidance of a board that will help it to be more effective. Board members are personally recruited, and they may include entrepreneurs, benefactors, field experts, community representatives and experienced organizers.

Transcribing videos

This includes transcribing recorded conferences or training, and close captioning videos. It may seem like a simple activity, but it is time consuming and something that can be delegated in your team as part of their regular tasks. 

Managing the office

Out of coffee? Design an office manager who keeps the team spirit up by making sure the printer has paper, the coffee maker is running, and everything is neat and clean.


A position for volunteers with good people skills, this task is key for the longevity of organizations, events and festivals. Responsibilities can also include the yearly fundraising plan, lead prospecting, and partner relations.

Finding new staff

If your paid staff need extra hands and you have a HR specialist in your volunteer team or board, you can ask them to help you to improve your recruitment strategy. Or if you already have somebody in mind, ask them for the best practices on how to approach your potential new addition to the team.

Onboarding new volunteers

Similar to the last task, this person is in charge of finding potential candidates for volunteer positions. Their responsibilities include managing incoming volunteer data, the structure of the  onboarding program, and how volunteers are initially allocated.

management volunteers

Research and Online Volunteer Jobs

Managing projects

Running out of time all the time? Ask somebody to make sure that everyone is keeping up with their projects and they have what they need in order to work.


Not everyone is great at searching things on Google. Save precious time and get the information you need with a volunteer research assistant. This person should be organized, know Google search functions and be a good reader.

Reviewing and editing grant applications

There is nothing worse than a deadline and an unfinished grant application. A writer with excellent grammar and style can make your application stand out among all others by making sure the information is displayed accurately and according to the expertise of the grant body.

Blog article writing

One of the ways you can make your organization improve its Google ranking is by constantly publishing fresh and interesting articles for your audience. A volunteer can take the lead and make sure your blog is up to date, while also making sure the new content follows the latest practices in content marketing.

Writing the monthly newsletter

Keep your partners, donors, and volunteers updated by sending a great newsletter. A volunteer with excellent marketing skills can help you by testing headlines, content, and buttons. Keep things GPDR compliant for everyone by asking them to sign an NDA.

In the upcoming articles, we will further list other volunteer jobs. Don’t miss it.