How to set up Community Helpdesk for Zelos

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Here’s how to set up a community helpline in your neighbourhood in less than 24 hours using Zelos Team Management and Community Helpdesk.

Motivate volunteers to help their neighbours, reduce the stress on local emergency services, crowdsource items and promote solidarity.

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Step-by-step Guide

STEP 1 – Zelos

  • Create a Zelos Volunteer Management account to start your community workspace at
  • It allows you to send tasks and notifications to your community volunteers
  • If you registered an account with Facebook or Google, go and Specify new password in the settings at – use this specified password in Step 2 when connecting the applications

STEP 2 – Community Helpdesk

  • Create a Community Helpdesk account at and then book a call with us to finalise the setup
  • Community Helpdesk allows you to receive help requests from your community. As an administrator you can moderate incoming help requests and insert new ones (for example, help request coming from phone calls)
  • Finalising the setup: Customise the workflow, edit content and settings. Log in to Community Helpdesk and connect it to Zelos Volunteer Management app from Settings -> Zelos. You need to provide the subdomain of your Zelos account, the email used for logging in, and the specified password from Step 1

STEP 3 – Get started

Spread the word & start making impact!

  • Invite existing volunteers to join your workspace to send them tasks and notifications. Log in to your workspace on Zelos App using browser, go to Members -> Invite and share the instructions
  • Expand the community by finding more volunteers – contact existing volunteer organisations, approach community members around you, spread the word via social media and other channels
  • Reach out to people who need help – be proactive! Mobilise volunteers to put up posters, approach TV and radio stations, find partners from local charities and already established community help groups nearby

Additional steps to consider 

Set up a hotline

Hotline is essential to reach the isolated elderly. You can either find a local telecom partner to set it up or use an alternative online solution. We recommend, which can also be connected to Community Helpdesk to send out automatic SMS confirmations.

So how does the workflow with a hotline look like?

Find more partners

If you’d like to help out a wider community, approach PR agencies and billboard companies to spread the word. HINT: they just might have some unused spaces to support a cause like yours!
You can also contact charities, non-profits, institutions and municipalities that have close connection to a network of people in need of help.

Customize your workflow

There are several ways you can set up the workflow with Zelos using the APIs. Check out the documentation at GitHub or contact us for more information.

We also offer white label solutions if you need integrations to your existing workflow, special packages or an application branded for your company!

Set up your own website

We do provide you a basic website to get started in 24 hours – it comes with your Community Helpdesk account. If you want something fancier, set up your own website and connect it to your Zelos Community Helpdesk. It’s simple.
Check out these examples:

Hope this helps, let’s collaborate to start making more impact today!

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